I was born in Wolverhampton three days before the end of the sixties. After growing up and doing all the normal schooling, I ended up at Plymouth University, or Polytechnic South West as it was then called, where I got a BSc Honours Degree with the amazing title of Maritime Business/Marine Law and Marine Computer Applications! After university I got in a job in bicycle importer, before finding a 15 year career in IT working for the NHS all around Devon, before ill health forced me to give up my job and career.

Smeatons TowerIt was then that I found writing. In September 2008 I began a Creative Writing Beginners Course run by Plymouth Adult Education, and after six months tuition I was successful in getting a place on a part time MA in Creative Writing course at Plymouth University, as it is now called! It was a vertical learning curve, but in 2011 I came out with the certificate.

Since then I’ve been learning how to write better, and I’ve got a lot to learn! I’m a full believer in lifelong learning and I’ve studied to various levels Accountancy, English Law, Business Administration, Life in the Oceans, Sport Science, Tai Chi, performance poetry and Japanese. After my MA I completed a teaching certificate and now I teach the Creative Writing Beginners course for Plymouth Adult Education that I began on!

Outside of writing and teaching, my wife and I own an Earth Observation company which specialises in remote sensing. Well, technically, my wife is the specialist, and I fight with accounts and do anything else needed!

I don’t write as much as I can, or should, as I’m often distracted by a part of the internet I’ve never seen, a cupboard that needs cleaning out or some TV programme that suddenly become intensely interesting. But I am writing and I’m determined to let more of my work fly free!