‘Never Go back’, ‘I Promised To Protect You’, Climate Correlation’, & Two Hundred And Six Bones In The Average Human Skeleton’ published in Tothill Tales and Tittle Tattle – an anthology from the Tothill  Writing Group.



‘Legend of the Moon Walk’ published in One Small Step – a chapbook from the Museum of Walking of flash fiction inspired by the the first Moon Walk.




‘Asking Nicely’, published in the 2019 Flash Fiction Festival Anthology.




‘Taste of Death’, published in the 2018 Flash Fiction Festival Anthology.




‘Sun Synchronous Satellites’ published in the Eating My Words Anthology for the 2014 National Flash Fiction Day.





This is a book I co-authored alongside my wife, Dr Samantha Lavender, on teaching anyone with a computer and a connection to the internet, on how to find, download, process and visualize images from satellites.The book was published in November 2015, and can be bought from here.